Dealing With Emotional Stress During Pregnancy

emotional stress during pregnancy

Stress is never good. It is not for a pregnant you and your unborn baby. An extreme emotional stress like perhaps a financial crisis, or marriage hitting a bad phase or the death of a loved one can all affect your unborn baby. They increase the risks of a stillbirth. They increase the risks of premature birth, low birth weight and even maybe allergies and asthma in the child’s life.

Effects of emotional stress during pregnancy

The effect of a pregnant mom's stress on an unborn baby is a matter of debate. Some some experts are convinced that prolonged bouts of severe stress could negatively impact a pregnancy, and cause complications like premature birth, low birth weight, or even sleep disorders in infants. But then the question is do the minimal stressors like the occasional spat with your mom or spouse pose these same risks? The answer is - probably not.

How to cope with emotional stress during pregnancy

It never is easy coping with this kind of emotional stress but you must because you now have another life inside you. You could try dealing with it by:

  • Talking to people about what you are going through. Do not keep your emotions bottled up and let it reach breaking point. It gets even tougher to handle then.
  • In case of a death of a loved one – do give yourself the time to grieve, it is okay but don’t let it consume your life.
  • In case of a rough patch in the marriage – keep calm and try and look for a solution (in case it is abusive then don’t.) Accept whatever comes your way.
  • If you feel you are unable to cope with the stress, consult a therapist. She can help you work yourself out of this.

Remember your unborn child can sense your emotions especially those of hurt and anger. Your emotions are not her fault. You want her to come into the world feeling loved and secured. So spent some time especially now to talk to your bump (or however you wish to talk to your baby) say loving words, gently massage the bump to keep reassuring her.