How to deal with passive smoking during pregnancy?

Passive smoking during pregnancy

Problems related to smoking during pregnancy

Let’s break it down. When you smoke yourself or passively, you are more likely to have –

  • Problems during your pregnancy.
  • A miscarriage.
  • A baby of low birth weight.
  • Problems in labour or delivery.
  • Your baby die during childbirth.
  • A baby born with lungs that are not developed properly.
  • A baby who is weak, unhealthy, or cries more often.
  • A baby who suffers from bronchitis, pneumonia, and/or asthma.
  • Your baby die suddenly while sleeping (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • A child that may show symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • A child with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Tips to deal with passive smoking

It is vital to quit smoking or have your partner/caregiver quit ASAP for the benefit of your unborn baby. Here are tips that can help:

  • Find a support group to stop smoking. Doing it with a lot of others you’re accountable to makes it easier and keeps you on track.
  • Switch to a nicotine gum/patch. They’re still dangerous but it’s not as bad as smoking. You should work on reducing the number of times you need those things.
  • Just stop cold turkey. Deal with the withdrawal symptoms – not the cause.
  • Try to get your high from coffee for some time till you stop smoking. Caffeine is better than nicotine.
  • Quit for yourself and your baby. No other motivation really works.
  • Download an app that keeps track of your progress in quitting. Check all the money you save from not smoking.
  • Get help from your partner to keep you on track.

Above all, remember that this is a huge favour to you and your baby. And the impact of your quitting is huger on your baby and your life. Be strong and motivated and make it happen as early as possible in your pregnancy. The same applies to your partner or caregiver in case you’re inhaling second-hand smoke – simply leave the living situation and don’t return to it until things have changed for the better.