The Dad-to-be: How to get him more involved in the pregnancy

Uninvolved Dad-to-be

Maybe because you’re not exactly “showing” yet, and/or because the baby isn’t really active inside you yet, a lot of expectant fathers find that they can’t actually relate to the pregnancy that is also theirs, yet. Relax, this is normal. And there is a lot that you can do to involve him and make him feel a part of the whole deal–

Make The Announcement Together. This baby is BOTH of yours. But it’s not that he’s just the Daddy. So when you are planning the pregnancy announcement, make sure you consult him on what he wants to do and reach a decision together. If he’s super excited and won’t matter to you, let him draft the message. The more you can get the expectant Dad to get involved, the more real it is to him.

Share Doctor Appointments With Him. You probably want to take him to your first doctor’s appointment. But it is important to plan all your doctor’s visits or how many ever you can around both of your schedules. Also, it is really important for your partner to hear that heartbeat and see that ultrasound. So, if he can’t make it to all of your appointment, make sure to schedule those that are important, for when he can make it.

Let him be involved in the Baby Shower. Yes, he baby shower is your event. But a lot of Dads-to-be love planning the shower. If he doesn’t also, making sure he can have some of his friends over and crack open some beer, will make him feel ready to welcome the baby too.

Let Him Help Decorate Baby’s Stuff. Even if you are less than pleased with your man’s decorating instinct, you should still let him in on the nursery decorating process. Take a look at what furniture he’d like to choose. Or baby clothes. He will feel more connected.

Figure Baby Names Together. Obviously.

And don’t you worry anyway. Once the baby starts kicking, and you start showing, be sure that his Daddy instinct is going to come kicking right in.