Cramps and how to avoid them

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of symptoms which can make one extremelyuncomfortable. One such symptom is that of leg cramps; a result of a lot of thingshappening inside you.Your increasing weight is being borne by your muscles and they are feeling the stress,the uterus is applying a lot of pressure on your Vena Cava (the main from the legs to theheart) and also progesterone amounts have drastically increased all this combinedtogether affects the muscle tone of the legs. Your leg muscles seize up and cause thatshooting pain.Also your diet may not be having sufficient amounts of calcium or magnesium, whateverlittle is there is being used up by your baby first leaving you short. Consult a doctor incase of severe cramps and whether you would need supplements.There are some measures you could take to prevent cramps from occurring
  • Have a warm bath before getting into bed.
  • Allow ample free space for the foot to move.
  • Try sleeping with your feet raised at night.
  • Do a session of calf repeats. Stand about a metre away from the wall and lean
  • forwards with your arm outstretched to touch the wall. Keep the soles flat on the
  • floor. Hold for 5secs and repeat for 5mins, 3times a day.
  • Daily repeat foot exercises like bending and stretching each foot vigorously up
  • and down 30times. Rotate your feet clockwise and anti-clockwise, do a set of
  • repetitions.
  • Avoid standing for long stretches or sit with legs crossed.