Coping up with working night shift while pregnant

working nights when pregnant

If you have to work nights in your job and are plan to continue to do so, keep the rest of your life as simple and as healthy as possible.

Eat well, sleep right

Use your weekends well to catch up on your sleep and stock your refrigerator. Even if you are in the habit of sleeping during the day, ensure that you nap when you can in the afternoons over the weekend. Consult your gynaecologist in case of any anxiety that you may have about not having enough sleep.

Get moving

Exercise regularly. This will in turn see that you eat, sleep, and work well. If possible, try and make it routine. It can be as stress-free as a walk or you can consider squeezing in a little bit of yoga, aerobics, and other pre-natal exercises. Try and enrol in pilates or zumba for the pregnant women. When you’re at work, take short breaks to stretch a little bit and walk around your workplace very couple of hours.

Maintain a comfortable posture

If you have a desk job, make sure that your posture is right and doesn't strain your back. Try investing in a lumbar pillow that helps your back stay in the right posture. Walking around is essential to make sure your feet don’t swell from water retention during pregnancy.


De-stress as much and as often as you can. Make sure to take breaks in your work day. The best way is to close your eyes and take deep breaths. This will help you ward off small aches and keep fatigue at bay. Practicing regular meditation is useful in calming down.

To put your mind at ease, make sure to establish expectations at work right at the beginning of your pregnancy. Speak to your boss and find ways in which you could add value to your role while also getting flexible hours and reducing the volume of work.