Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Exercise during pregnancy third trimester

Exercise during pregnancy Third trimester: What you need to know

While it is a good idea to exercise in the third semester for better muscle activity, you must also consider safety while doing so.

Precautions to take while working out during third trimester

Consider the following points when exercising in the third trimester:

  • It is better to slow down on your strict exercising regimen and move to gentler exercises such as walking.
  • Your body’s center of gravity has shifted now and you need to refrain from bending too much. Running also may be risky because you may trip and fall.
  • Try prenatal yoga with its stretches and breathing techniques. It is an equally effective form of exercises and can give you that much-needed boost of energy and the strength to handle the weight gain.
  • If you are an avid swimmer, you can swim right through your third trimester. Swimming helps control the backaches and the swelling in legs and hands during pregnancy.
  • If you have been weight training much before getting pregnant, let pregnancy not stop you from continuing to do so. As long as you don’t overwork yourself, weight training can give you that much necessary toning to your muscles which you will need for carrying your baby later.
  • You can join a dance class if you are keen on it – music and exercise. It can’t get better than that. Only don’t try any sudden moves, leaps and twirls while dancing.
  • Pilates is a great exercise for exercising the pelvic floor, if you have been doing so before. A strong pelvic floor can go a long way towards aiding you in a more satisfactory delivery.
  • Brisk walking is a great stress buster and can be a great form of exercise. Make sure you take a break when you are tired. Walking helps you deal with indigestion and constipation – common ailments in pregnancy.

Benefits of exercising in your Third Trimester

  • Being active could reduce your labour time by up to 2 hours
  • Exercising reduces the stress on your baby during the labour process - your baby has adapted to the “good stress” of exercising so he/she will be less stressed out during labour
  • Exercising reduces the need for medical intervention by 30%
  • Exercising in the third trimester reduces the chance of a caesarian by 30%
  • Exercising prepares you physically and mentally for the rigmarole oflabour
  • Staying active reduces the recovery from delivery time
  • Exercising pre and post pregnancy has also been linked to reduced post natal depression

Make sure you are used to these forms of exercises before getting pregnant – do not try anything new during pregnancy and especially not in the third trimester.