Constipation During Pregnancy: How to Avoid and Home Remedies

constipation during pregnancy

It's bad enough that exhausted most of the time — now you have to deal with the nuisance of constipation as well. As a consequence of the constipation, you're bloated, gassy, and of course majorly cranky, not to mention in desperate need of relief. These irregular bowel movements inflict some women, while completely bypassing some others.

Causes of constipation in pregnancy

Once again, the culprits for this discomfort are your pregnancy hormones which are causing havoc by making the muscles in your bowels sluggish and allowing digested food to be longer in the digestive tract. The offending hormone is Progesterone that relaxes and slowed down the movement of food through your intestines. Also the uterus at this time takes up a lot of space, leaving your bowel with very little room to do its job. The uncomfortable result - you are constipated, gassy, bloated, uncomfortable and miserable much like a lot of pregnant women.

How to avoid constipation during pregnancy

The good news is that there’s quite a bit you could do about it! There are plenty of tips you could try out to ease the problem and pass stool easily.

  • Have lots of roughage

Having a lot of fibre-rich food can be immensely useful in eliminating waste. You should include in your diet a lot of – Whole grain cereals and bread, legumes (peas and beans), fresh fruits and vegetables, green vegetables and dried fruits. Now if you have not been on a fibre-rich diet before it is best that you add it to your diet gradually. Have some at each meal but don’t have too much!

  • Avoid big meals, go for more frequent smaller meals

The bigger the meal, the more work for your already stressed digestive track. Smaller meals help as it work more efficiently – less gas and bloating.

  • Drink a lot of fluids

Drinking enough fluids (approx 2lts) each day helps soften your stool and solids moving through your digestive system faster. You can have juices, soup or just plain water. You could have more warm water as it helps with the intestinal contractions and lets you go.

  • Follow a schedule

Keep your schedule fixed and try not to alter them, this helps.

  • Move it

The more you exercise the more regular your bowel movements so keep working out.

  • Have a lot of good bacteria

Have a lot of yoghurt which has the probiotic ‘acidophilus’ which stimulate intestinal bacteria and aid digestion and thereby elimination.

Home remedies for constipation during pregnancy

Start each morning with a cup of warm water and a slice of lemon. Take this before you have anything else.

Moreover, begin your meals with salad or raw vegetables or fruit and try to include some of the following every day:

  • Fresh fruit, such as oranges, grapes and apples
  • Dried fruits, especially prunes .
  • Fresh fibrous vegetables, such as celery, watercress, cabbage, and spinach.
  • Wholegrains and cereals and whole grain bread