Most common food cravings during pregnancy

common food cravings during pregnancy

What are the most common food cravings during pregnancy?

Causes of food cravings during pregnancy

A lot of women do have food cravings during their pregnancy. There really is no base for these cravings and can seem to be coming out of nowhere. There is no real proof as to what causes these cravings but most would say that it could possibly be the hormones. The hormonal changes in one’s body during a pregnancy are so extreme that it can have a huge impact on the senses of smell and taste.

Now cravings are not always sweet, they can be salty too; they are not always junk, they can be healthy too! Here is a list of some of the most common food cravings during pregnancy:

List of most common food cravings:

  • Ice: Yes! Sure it is not an actual food per say, but a lot of pregnant women love to chew on ice.
  • Chocolates: This could possibly be because chocolate makes one happy!
  • Spicy foods: Staying cool while pregnant is tough but the sweat after having spicy food sure does cool the body, probably why one craves them.
  • Sour snacks: Some love the taste of tamarind, pickles and oranges now.
  • Pickles: This could possibly because the body needs more sodium now which pickles have.
  • Ice Cream: Rich creamy and cooling, and a huge range of flavours – do you need any more reason?
  • Lemon: It helps with feeling of nausea.
  • Chips: Loaded with salt again it gives you a lot of sodium.
  • Fruits: Some women crave fruits like watermelons, grapes, etc. Having a healthy baby just got easier.
  • Soda: The fizzy, carbonated drinks can make that queasy feeling go away.
  • Coffee: Especially if you have been a regular drinker pre-pregnancy.
  • Comfort Food: Suddenly you remember that plain daal-rice your mum made for you when you were little and now that is all you want!

Now that you’ve read up on the most common food cravings, am sure by now you’re thinking of what to eat next. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, because most salty and tangy things also cause acidity. Happy snacking!