Cold and cough during pregnancy third trimester

Cold and cough in pregnancy third trimester

Colds, coughs and other infections during this time – How it affects your baby

A cold is mild viral infection which affects the sinus, nose, throat, etc. and could have you with a runny nose, sneezing or coughing for almost a week. There is no real cure for a common cold but medications like paracetamols can give you some relief from the symptoms.

Flu on the other is more infectious and caused by different viruses. The symptoms are cold and sneezes but they are more severe than in a cold. Common during the winters you could be affected by the flu at any time of the year. A flu vaccination when planning your pregnancy or pregnant is recommended, to protect you and your baby.

Will cold and cough during pregnancy third trimester affect my baby?

If the pregnancy was not making you uncomfortable enough, catching a cold or cough now can make things worse. A flu or cold at this time does not directly affect the baby but the treatment can and thus you need to be careful about how you treat your cold, cough or flu!

Treatment for cough and cold during pregnancy third trimester

In case of a flu you could rest, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. High temperatures or body aches can be relieved by having a paracetamols.

Ideally during the pregnancy you should avoid medications. Talk to your doctor before you do decide to have any medicine. Even paracetamols (the more preferred treatment during pregnancy) should be taken in the lower dosages and for the shortest possible durations. In case the lower dosages do not work, consult your gynaecologist before altering the dosage.