Co-sleeping or nursery? Time to decide

Co-sleeping with baby or baby nursery

Co-sleeping or nursery? Time to decide

Co-sleeping with baby:

Many parents find it easy to co-sleep with their baby and dream about this situation during the pregnancy. But it is not always easy, so here are the pros and cons of this.

Pros of co-sleeping with baby:

  • Extra time for you and your husband to spend with the baby, especially if you are both working parents.
  • Increases the feeling of security in the baby, as you are right next to them.
  • Easy for you to wake up for a night time feed and fall back asleep again.
  • Allows you to quickly respond to your baby if it cries or coughs.

Cons of co-sleeping with baby:

  • Affects your quality of sleep because a sleeping baby moves a lot.
  • Baby may get too used to your sensation and may not sleep next to anyone else or on their own.
  • It may be difficult to transition your baby to a separate bed later.
  • Spontaneous lovemaking can become a challenge and a distant dream.

Sleeping in the nursery

Decorating the nursery is a major part of the nesting to-do list in any mother-to-be’s list. But do you really need a nursery?

Pros of baby in the nursery:

  • Your baby has a space of their own and learns to be independent from the very beginning.
  • Easier to self-soothe themselves.
  • Baby has undisturbed sleep, away from parent’s snoring and changing positions.
  • Keeps your love life intact, allows you some moment of privacy as husband and wife.

Cons of baby in the nursery:

  • It is difficult to bond with the baby sleeping away from you.
  • Baby may not have the same sense of security.
  • It may disturb your sleep to wake up many times to feed the baby.
  • Difficult to monitor your baby’s health in case of sickness.

There are pros and cons to both situations, but remember you are the ultimate choice maker, and it is completely okay for you to go one way or the other, regardless of what friends/family might say or think. You’re a unique and special mother and you will always want to choose the best for your family.