Choosing your post natal massage specialist or maalishwali

Post natal massage specialist or maalishwali

Whether you are going to have a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section, the elder ladies swear by the benefits of a post-delivery massage. It is considered as important as a massage for the Newborn. Post pregnancy or post natal massages are important because the mother needs to relax her aching and sore muscles too! A woman who is an expert in massage is appointed for carrying all the work related to the new mother and the baby.

A maalishwaali’s job includes:

  • Massaging the newborn
  • Massaging the mother
  • Washing the mother and baby’s clothes
  • Cleaning their room

Usually, the maalishwaali is appointed based on references. But nowadays, you can also find a professional masseuse from agencies or salons. There are some firms which provide massage service specifically for pregnant women. You will need to do some preliminary research before your delivery so that the lady starts the massage as soon as you are back home from delivery.

Check these things before you appoint a post-natal massage specialist:

  • Verify her details from the agency or the person who has referred her to you.
  • Check her experience. If she is trained professionally, be sure to check her certification and verify it.
  • Hygiene. Ensure an acceptable hygiene standard and make your expectations clear. Your masseuse should wash her hands and clip her nails before starting massage. She should be dressed cleanly and use only the oils approved by you.

When explaining your job, make sure you have explained your expectations to her. If you have

undergone an unexpected Caesarean section, explain the change in plans to her and the change in massage therapy. Be absolutely clear about the salary and number of days for which you want the massage to be done. Receive her concerns about this job and clarify everything so that there are no last minute confusions.

Also, remember to always keep some time for yourself from the maalishwaali along with your baby. You need some rest and relaxation too!