Choosing not to breastfeed: What should you know?

choosing not to breastfeed

There is enough scientific research to substantiate that breast milk is best for the baby. This does not however make it absolutely mandatory for you to breastfeed or feel any less/ guilty because you don’t breastfeed.

There might be numerous reasons for you to decide not to breastfeed your child ranging from - you don’t like the idea to that you are just not comfortable. Before you decide that you do not want to breastfeed though it would be beneficial to understand and know as much as you can about breastfeeding. You could also talk to someone you trust – family, friends or doctor.

Some things to keep in mind even if you choose to not breastfeed

  • Take your final decision once the baby is born.
  • Your first breast milk (secreted in the early days after delivery, usually 3-4 days) contains colostrum which is extremely beneficial to the child as it contains a lot of antibodies and helps build immunity.
  • You could try and breastfeed for these initial days at least. Definitely the longer you feed the more the benefits but any amount is still positive.
  • You can always move from breastfeeding to formula milk but the move the other way round is tough.
  • You could opt for pumping your breast milk if you have issues directly nursing.
  • You could use infant formula milk for your baby.
  • You would need feeding bottles to feed the child which also involves washing, cleaning and sterilizing them each time after use.

If you still decide to opt out of breastfeeding it is okay as breastfeeding alone does not make you a great mom.