Choosing your baby shower dresses

baby shower dresses

Choosing your baby shower dresses

It’s your baby shower - your day, to be pampered such that you you can forget about your discomfort and mood swings at least for some time.

Choosing the right dress for your baby shower is important business. After all, you’ll have photo memories of this momentous occasion for a lifetime! But while it is very important for you to be dressed in festive attire you have to make sure that you do not give up on your comfort.

Tips for choosing dresses for baby shower

Here are a few ideas for choosing maternity dresses for your baby shower:

  • Because this is a traditional occasion, tradition requires you be dressed in saree. However, choose the saree according to the season. If your baby shower is in the summer, choose a light material that will not leave you clammy by the end of the event. If your baby shower is in winter, choose a material that will keep you warm yet comfortable throughout your baby shower.
  • You can also bend tradition and choose to wear light overflowing indo-western gowns.
  • Avoid any clothes with heavy brocade work, heavy embroidery, or made of stiff silk as it may irritate your skin and make you uncomfortable.
  • Also make sure that the dress you wear is not too long and doesn’t hamper your walking. You may trip on the hem of your dress if it is too long.