Choosing a baby care taker for your newborn

choosing a baby care taker

Choosing a temporary care taker for your newborn baby

There may be situations where you may need a temporary caregiver to help you with the baby, to fill in with the baby duties in your absence.

Just because it is temporary doesn’t mean that you should be lax with your requirements. In fact it is all the more important for you to choose the right caregiver. Ask around for a maid who would be willing to work temporarily and have the right set of qualifications for the same. Get a background check done and ask her to give you a copy of her voter ID or Aadhar card along with two colour photographs.

Check the following with the potential baby care taker:

  • Does she have experience with children? What kind of experience?
  • What is her availability like? Can she come at short notice? Is she reachable?
  • Is she comfortable with changing the baby, playing and feeding the baby?
  • How does she keep kids occupied?
  • Does she have any bad habits such as smoking beedi, chewing paan?
  • How will she handle an uncontrollable situation, such as a child’s tantrum?

If the caretaker comes home to care for your baby, make sure you have put up a list of emergency phone numbers for her to contact you. Also take her contact number along with any of her family members in case she is not reachable. Let her know the child’s schedule and playing habits, along with any do’s and don’ts. Show her the medicine cabinet and the first aid kit.

If you are going to drop the baby at the caretaker’s home, such as a neighbor or family, start with a few hours as a trial run to see how the caretaker and child get along. Also get a better look at the home and check for baby proofing. Get an understanding of the family and the dynamics of their behaviors.

Communicate openly with the caretaker and make sure to ask her how the session went:

  • What did they do?
  • Did the child eat well?
  • Would she like to do this again?

(Be fair to her if she says no and ask her why.)

Observe your child to check if they are clean, happy and peaceful. If they can talk, ask them how they enjoyed staying with the caretaker and would they like to be with her again.

It takes time to click with the right person, so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get it right at the first try.