How to choose your gynecologist: 5 Signs that you should change

Changing your gynecologist

What happens in cases that your gynecologist does not meet your expectations?

  1. Examination

Your doctor must spend time for your examination. The standard gynecological examination must include discussion with the doctor, during which the doctor collects important data on your pregnancy, your developing baby, your symptoms etc. The doctor should examine your uterus, the fundus, make ultrasound measurements to check your baby, etc.

  1. Directness

Your doctor must always be available to give you a solution to a problem, even by telephone. If for example you are on vacation and feel something is wrong, the doctor must be able to guide you directly in order to avoid worsening the problem. At least someone else who’s qualified should be available at short notice for emergencies.

  1. Comfort

Do you feel free to discuss everything with your gynaecologist? The relationship created between you and your doctor must be comfortable. Therefore, the doctor must be able to discuss any question or concern you might have.

  1. Diagnosis

See how your doctor diagnoses your different problems. Are her solutions spot on? Can you trust her with the most important thing in your life – delivering the baby? Is she impulsive or does she study your case carefully? Is she happy to give you pills or comfortable enough to let you wait it out? All these things make subtle or not-so-subtle differences in the outcome of your pregnancy.

Make sure to evaluate all of this and if need be, change your gynaecologist early in your pregnancy so that you can get the best possible care at this time.