Chloasma or Pigmentation During Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

Chloasma or pigmentation during pregnancy

Worried about pigmentation during pregnancy? About the sudden blotchy areas of darkened areas on your skin? Well you have what is a common pregnancy symptom and it is called ‘chloasma’ or ‘the mask of pregnancy.’

What is chloasma or pigmentation during pregnancy?

These splotches show up usually around your upper lips, nose, cheekbones and forehead. They may also appear on the cheeks and jawline. Skin that is already pigmented like the nipples, freckles, scars and skin around the genitals gets darker now. Also areas where friction is more like the underarms and inner thighs become darker.

If you have a darker complexion you are more likely to experience this. A family history of the same also increases the likelihood of you getting chloasma. Parts of the skin exposed to the sun also get darker.

Causes of Chloasma

Hormonal changes which induce an increase in secretion of melanin (substance that gives colour to hair, skin and eyes) may be responsible for this condition. Exposure to the sun also plays a role.

Also you may now notice the ‘linea alba’ which was a skin coloured line from the belly button to your pubic bone as it has darkened into the ‘linea nigra.’ This is also because of the change in melanin production.

How to manage skin darkening during pregnancy

These pigmentations should fade post delivery but for some they never really go away. In the meantime you could try the following during pregnancy to minimize the colourations –

  • Protect yourself from the sun – stay indoors, use sunscreen, wear hats, etc do everything you can.
  • Use gentle cleansers and facial creams so as to not irritate the skin and worsen the situation.
  • If really conscious of the pigmentation, let make up weave its magic and cover them up.