Check list of your hospital plan

As your due date approaches, you should start planning for your trip to the hospital, should you go into labor. If you have a well thought out plan for your labor, you are less likely to panic and are more able to focus on your birthing. Here are a few aspects you must cover while you are waiting for labor: 
  • Talk to your family about the trip to the hospital:
    • Who takes you to the hospital?
    • If your husband is not available, then who is the standby?
  • Take into the account the traffic you are likely to encounter on the way to the hospital and plan the route accordingly.
Also, consider the climate, and any special occasions that might obstruct your route to the hospital, and plan accordingly.
  • Arrange for safe transport for the trip to the hospital.
  • Because there is no point in the crowding the hospital and inconveniencing the staff, decide beforehand who accompanies you to the hospital.
Tip: Make sure that there are at least two people with you – one of them to do the legwork and another to guide the hospital staff with any information that you are not in a position to provide while in pain. Also ensure that at least one of them knows your hospital bag thoroughly.
  • If you have an older child, plan ahead how you are going to provide for them in your absence – grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors etc.
  • Ensure that all your family members have all the required phone numbers in case of any emergencies.
  • Meet with your partner and your doctor, and discuss the pain relief options so that you are aware enough to make a choice when offered.
  • Make sure all your formalities with the hospital regarding your post natal stay are covered so that there are no last minute hassles.
Most of all, when the time comes, stay calm and composed. If there are some tasks you didn’t find the time or the energy to do, delegate them and let go. This is your time to enjoy the new arrival, so enjoy yourself! Happy Planning!