What are my chances of not having a C-section

Most of the pregnant women wonder what are their chances of accomplishing a normal birth. It is one of the questions most asked by the expecting mother during her very first visit to her doctor. After conducting several surveys and studies regarding this topic, finally, it is concluded that, for 85 percent of pregnant women, who are having a non-risky pregnancy, natural birth is very much possible. The other 15 percent develop some kind of complications that demand medical interventions such as C-section. 

Irrespective of all these facts, out of the 85%, only 65% of mothers are undergoing normal delivery. This indicates the significantly increasing rate of ‘preventable C-sections'. This happens mostly because of the unnecessary anxiety and lack of knowledge of the mother. When it comes to undergoing the type of delivery you wish for, information is the key.

What are my chances of not having a C-section?

There are a few factors that decide if you will have an ordinary delivery. Regardless of whether these conditions are met, it won't ensure a 100% typical conveyance. With regards to pregnancy and delivery, it is always said to expect for the unexpected events that can happen at any moment. Anyway,  here are some factors which can place you under increased chance of normal delivery or in other words decreases your chances of undergoing C-section.

The previous delivery: If your former delivery was normal vaginal delivery, it increases your chances of normal delivery in the future pregnancies. Even if you had a C-section in a previous delivery, you still have chances of VBAC depending on the cause that lead to C-section.

The absence of underlying health issues: If you do not have any underlying health conditions [like cardiac issues, pulmonary issues(asthma), neurological issues (epilepsy)] that can aggravate during pregnancy and during the progression of labor, your chances of not having a C-section increase.

Issue-less pregnancy: If your pregnancy is pukka normal without even minor complications the chances are higher for you not having a C-section

Weight within limits: In the course of pregnancy if you put on weight as you likely should be, you may not have to encounter a C-section. Overweight invites several issues that hinder normal delivery. An overweight mother has increased the chance of having a big baby, which bring down the chances of normal delivery

Physically active: If you are a physically active person, the chances are higher to have a normal delivery.

Physiological fitness: This means your physiological conditions like levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, hemoglobin, etc. is under control. If you fall under this group, more likely you will have a normal delivery.

Can I increase the chance of normal delivery?

Yes, you can. Unless you are having a  pregnancy falls under the high-risk category, you can always increase your odds of normal delivery. Here are a few tips:

Educate yourself: Studies has shown that expecting mothers who attended prenatal childbirth education classes be likely to have 50 percent more probability of having a normal delivery without C-section when compared to women who have not taken any such classes.

Select a doctor who favors natural birth: This is another important step towards the normal delivery. Some doctors for some reasons prefer C-section. Money or impatience are two main reasons that prompt them to choose C-sections.

Spend the initial hours of labor at home: Being admitted to the labor ward while you're still in early labor is likely to increase your risk of interventions such as an epidural. Therefore, it's likely that you'll be advised to stay at home until you're in active labor. Spending this time at home will offer more relaxation for your body and mind as well.

Practice perineal massage: If you are a first-time mother, you should have a regular perineal massage after the seventh month of pregnancy. Two time a week is sufficient. Perineal massage prepares your perineum for the stretching it has to do when your baby is born.

Practice relaxation and breathing techniques: Breathing exercises are very important as during the process of delivery you need to hold breath from time to time. This will help to stay away from stress as well. Proper and sufficient oxygen supply is a must for proper health of the baby. So, practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly. This will definitely help to get you a step closer to having a normal delivery.

Avoid having an epidural: Having an epidural for pain relief during the labor may pave the way to a prolonged pushing stage, which increases the risk of needing an assisted birth.

Keep on moving: Keep on moving as much as you can during the initial stages of the labor. This will increase the chances of a normal delivery.

If possible, avoid inducing the labor: Induction of labor may invite more interventions, such as continuous monitoring, epidural for pain relief, etc., which may bring down the chance of having a normal delivery. Therefore, if the circumstances never demand inducing labor, it is better to let the baby decide when to come out of your womb.

Stay away from hearing the negative stories about the childbirth: This is very important to avoid the C-section. After all, anything affects your mind will reflect in your body.

Eat well, drink well, and sleep well: Getting a good sleep is essential for healthy growth of the baby. Also, make sure you are drinking adequate water so as to prevent complications that trigger preterm labor and C-sections. Also, eat well-nourished food in a proper manner. This will restrict your body from gaining more weight. Also, a healthy and well-nourished mother will be able to face the challenge of labor without difficulty and more contentedly.