Carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy

Carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and are constantly feeling numbness, pain and tingling in your hands, you might be having a syndrome called the Carpal tunnel Syndrome. But do not worry, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in pregnant women is fairly common and fades away by the end of the pregnancy or after childbirth.

What’s the carpal tunnel?

It is a small tunnel that runs from the bottom of the wrist to the lower palm. Feeling and

movement in the hand is controlled by the nerve that passes through that tunnel.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy:

  • Pins and needles and a tingling or burning sensation in the fingers
  • Burning sensation in your thumb, index finger, middle finger and side of the finger nearest to your thumb.
  • Pain in your fingers and thumb
  • Aching in hand, forearm and upper arm
  • Weakened grip
  • Dry skin or swelling in affected fingers or thumb
  • Numbness in affected fingers with worsening conditions.

Why in pregnancy?

Many pregnant women face swelling in their hands during pregnancy because of a liquid called Oedema in the tissues. This swelling affects the median nerve that controls the movement of the fingers and the hand. Carpal Tunnel syndrome is fairly common in pregnancy, with a record of up to 60 percent of women suffering from it. If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, it is likely to be mild and temporary and will go away after a few days after birthing.

Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy:

Usually the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome show up at night and are really painful. Try

changing your position to be more comfortable.

You can also shaking your hands till the tingling disappears, and flex your wrists and fingers

regularly. Try if it provides relief, because for some women it may worsen the pain. Try not to

sleep on your hands and fingers, and avoid any tasks that may worsen your symptoms.

You can try Vitamin B6 supplements, but only after checking with your doctor. Gentle exercise,

yoga with a trained instructor may help. But do not take any pain killers or diuretics to reduce

swelling without consulting the doctor. There is no official treatment for Carpal Tunnel

syndrome, therefore you may have to try various treatment and techniques to get relief from

Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and pregnancy

These symptoms are likely to disappear after the birth of the baby. However, if you don’t get

relief even after delivery, your doctor may prescribe a wrist splints, and if they don’t work, a

steroid injection to reduce the inflammation. If nothing works, then the doctor may suggest a

simple surgery to treat this condition. But don’t worry, this is usually the last option, which isn’t usually needed. So if you think you’re experiencing all or some of the symptoms, just follow the simple pain relief techniques detailed above!