Breastfeeding clothes & accessories: What you need

Breastfeeding accessories

Breastfeeding clothes & accessories: What you need

The due date is approaching. If you haven’t yet packed your bag, this is the time to do so. Among other items to pack, do not forget your nursing gear. Talk to your doctor about the right nursing gear you will need for after the baby comes and arrange for it right away.

Here are a few things you will need for nursing your baby after it is born:

List of nursing basics you will need:

  • Nursing bras

The most important breastfeeding accessory your baby. Make sure the cup size is right. During the first few days of feeding, you will find that your breasts swell in size and leak milk. Therefore, get a size or two more than your pre-pregnancy size. This size is likely to remain at least for the first year of the baby, because you are nursing.

  • Breast pump

It is common to have overproduction of milk in the first few days, because of which your breasts are likely to pain due to the engorgement. In such a situation, you will need a breast pump to pump out the extra milk – there is only so much you can feed a little baby. But this again is a debatable situation. Because the more you pump, your body thinks you need more and it produces more. Therefore it is advisable to use it rarely.

  • Nursing pads

Most likely, in the first few days, you are likely to leak milk even when you are not feeding. This may happen even up to months after the baby is born and it can become quite an embarrassing situation. Keep a pair of cotton and washable nursing pads handy.

  • Nursing friendly clothes

With the increasing awareness and feverish promotion of breastfeeding, designers have come up with trendy dresses/tops that have a secret opening to allow breastfeeding and double up as normal tops or dresses long after you have weaned your baby.

  • Breastfeeding shawl

Have a scarf or a shawl ready with you to cover up your baby for privacy.

  • Water bottle

Keep a water bottle within your reach, because breastfeeding your baby drains out all the hydration from your body.

These are the basic necessities. The more advanced accessories include breast milk bags to store milk to feed the baby while you are away, nursing pillows to support your baby while feeding, and nipple shields to protect your nipples from cracking.