Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy: How Do They Aid Labour?

Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy

Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy: How Do They Aid Labour?

Usually we all breathe shallow which does not provide the adequate amount of oxygen to a pregnant woman. There are numerous benefits of Yoga and Breathing exercises to the journey of pregnancy. Yoga and Breathing exercises during pregnancy all focus on deep breathing and controlled breathing. Also they help in controlling the body and relaxing the muscles.

  • As the baby grows the baby and your body will require increased amounts of oxygen to grow and function properly. So taking deep breathes ensures adequate amount of oxygen is available to the body.
  • This increase in oxygen supply to the body helps relieve aching muscles and joints.
  • They help relax the muscles and thus help overcome stress which is pretty much part of the journey to being a mother.
  • During labour, the pain experienced is bound to make a woman panic. Panic makes one’s body produce more adrenaline which blocks the production of oxytocin, a hormone that helps in delivery. Breathing deeply helps keep panic at bay and ensure adequate energy is also reserved for the actual pushing.

Always keep this in mind - not all breathing exercises and Yoga postures are suitable for you right now though. Pranayam which is deep breathing is supposed to be great but exercises like Bhastrika (bellow’s breathing) and Kapalbharti (cleaning breathing) are not typically recommended. The breathing is deep, fast and forced which is not good for you nor the baby. Take guidance from a trained instructor who has trained pregnant women before you start practising yoga or breathing exercises.