Breastfeeding with small breasts and Inverted nipples: Is it possible?

Breastfeeding and breast size

Does breast size matter for breast feeding?

Most of the difference in breast size between women who are not pregnant is from the different fat content in their breasts. And so size doesn’t matter. The tissues that are needed to produce milk are only laid in once you get pregnant.

So you'll probably find that your breasts do get bigger and heavier during pregnancy. Even with this extra growth, you may still have small breasts at the end of your pregnancy. But be reassured that you are just as likely as any other new mum to breastfeed successfully.

I have inverted nipples? Will it affect breastfeeding?

To find out if you indeed have inverted nipples, place your fingers on the edge of your areola and squeeze it. If your nipple protrudes front, you’ve got normal nipples and hence, nothing to worry about. If your nipple retracts inward, you've got inverted nipples.

But don’t fret. The outward appearance of your nipples has nothing to do with milk production or in your ability to provide enough for your baby.

Most doctors will tell you that you need to do nothing ahead of your breastfeeding days at all since you may find that your baby can feed anyway. Sometimes, some babies don’t latch quite as well and so, some moms need some help. And that’s exactly what “breast shells” are for. They’re made of plastic and are meant to be worn on top of your nipples and apply very mild (and usually completely painless pressure) to gently pull your nipples out. You can alternate breasts and wear them even between feedings so that the nipple is in position to actually start the feed.

However sometimes, breast shells could cause sweating and therefore rashes that can be very conspicuous. Another thing you light try is to use the breast pump to pull out your nipples a bit. Doctors do warn that artificial pulling out of the nipples might sometimes cause the baby not to latch if you do give up using these aides. You should therefore try not to rely totally on these devices.