Breastfeeding an older child during pregnancy third trimester

Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Is it okay if I breastfeed my older child in the Third Trimester?

A lot of mothers with older children constantly struggle with this question. If you are breastfeeding while you are pregnant, there is nothing to really worry about. As long as you are keeping yourself well-hydrated and properly fed in the third trimester, it is perfectly okay to breastfeed your toddler and it will not harm your unborn baby. It is also okay to feed to breastfeed your newborn and toddler at the same time – this is called Tandem Feeding.

Tandem Breastfeeding:

Tandem feeding or tandem breastfeeding is a process where a mother nurses two children, who are siblings but not twins. This process is not for everyone, though because it can be physically and emotionally draining.

However, there are situations where you might need to wean your toddler, such as:

  1. History of a premature delivery before the current pregnancy
  2. Previous miscarriage
  3. Weight gain in the current pregnancy is not up to mark or adequate to sustain the
  4. Current foetus
  5. Bleeding and spotting

There is also a probability of your nipple being sore and sensitive after delivery because of the hormonal changes. In such a case, you may have to be gentle with your toddler while feeding and explain in their toddler language to be gentle with you.While you are feeding your newborn, you also need to take care of the firstborn and ensure that he gains weight properly, especially if he is younger than one year. As your bump grows,you may want to consider a more comfortable position for feeding your toddler – that doesn’t put any pressure on your bump.If your toddler is on solids, he or she may not want to continue breastfeeding. But you might want to consider how long are you continue tandem breastfeeding your firstborn after the baby is born.Understand that if you wean your firstborn after the baby is born, there is likely to be some resentment and a feeling of being left out. Therefore, if you want to wean your child, do it whileyou are still pregnant.

So remember to always eat right and keep all these things in mind when you are breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem breastfeeding. Good luck!