Bonding With Your Unborn Baby – Why it’s Important

bonding with unborn baby

Bonding With Your Unborn Baby - Why it's Important

A lot of to-be parents find it difficult to bond with the unborn child. Not seeing the baby and trying to bond with a growing belly is not easy but is extremely beneficial and important. Here is how:

Reasons for bonding with baby in womb:

  • Builds a sense of trust and security
    Your child after birth comes to associate or identify with what you say and do to bond with your unborn child now. If you sit on a particular chair each day and sing to her now, chances are post birth sitting on that same chair and singing to her may help her settle down and feel more secure. Babies who have this security tend to sleep and eat better and also cry less.
  • It helps stimulate the auditory senses
    The child begins to have a sense of hearing by the second trimester and your talking or singing to her helps stimulate her auditory senses. She comes to identify your voice and also of those who have regularly been around the pregnant mother.
  • It helps in the speech development
    If you choose to talk to your baby to bond with her, you are enabling her to learn language and words faster post birth, this will eventually help her develop social skills.
  • It helps develop your parenting skills
    There is no foolproof way to learning how to be a parent, you have to learn on the job! Bonding with the unborn baby kicks in the parental instincts in us and we get prepared to be parents.

It helps you understand how the pregnancy is going
While bonding with the baby a to-be mother gets attuned to gauging the foetal well-being. You're talking/ gently stroking the belly may help relax your distressed baby.