What is a birth plan? Do I have to make one?

Birth plan

What is a birth plan?

It’s just what it sounds like— a game-plan for the baby's arrival. Everyone knows that you can never be completely in charge of your labour or delivery, but a birth plan is just a way of making sure that you and your partner are on the same page as your delivery team, when it comes to issues like pain management, emergency procedures, people in the delivery room, episiotomies, cord cutting and/or emergency C-sections.

How does a birth plan work?

Make sure to voice out your wishes - talk them over with your doctor, see if they fit in with hospital policies, and ensure that everyone who has contact with you at the hospital is on the same page. It is possible that your doctor doesn’t quite agree with you. So it is best to get these disagreements out of the way before you’re actually in labour.

But remember - your birth plan isn’t legally binding. They are more like guidelines and preferences. But the health and safety of the baby and mommy always come first, so plans may evolve.

Why do you need a birth plan?

The reason is that when you are in labour, and pushing your baby, you light forget to mention some things. But if you’ve already given it a good thought and come up with what you want, everyone present - your partner surely,can make sure you get most of what you want. It is best to discuss with your doctor to make sure that what you want is medically ok, and suited to your pregnancy while possible to fulfil.