Beware! Avoiding these might lead to a c-section delivery!

The moment a woman conceives, she prays hard for a normal delivery. No matter how long the labour prolongs, women swear by the fact that normal deliveries are the best. However, sometimes things don’t go as per plan and you might end up strapped to the bed, in an operation theatre.

Well, there is nothing much you can do if you land in a c-section due to the medical condition of the baby. However, there are a few tips you can follow in order to wade through the labour pain and progress into a normal delivery with ease.

1. Make exercise part of your routine

If you are the kind who has not moved it just because you are pregnant, its time you get moving. Exercising during pregnancy is the best thing you can do to have a normal delivery. This is because, your thigh and pelvic muscles strengthen while you exercise, helping you deliver easily. Very often, doctors opt for a c-section, despite good dilation especially because the thigh muscles are fatigued. So get moving right now and don’t cite excuses!

2. Practice breathing techniques

You might have heard a lot about this one! Breathing right is the key to managing pain and progressing in labour. Right breathing increases oxygen supply to the brain, thereby boosting baby’s health and speeding labour.

3. Eat right

Diet obviously has a direct impact on pregnancy, labour, and child birth. Eating a nutritious meal will make you and your baby healthy, and this will in turn naturally lead to having a normal delivery. However, stay away from myths like adding more ghee or butter to your diet will help you slide your baby out easily during labour. A nutritious meal is a complete must, but do ensure you don’t overdo anything. Overweight during pregnancy can also be one of the reasons for c-section.

4. Perineal massage

Any kind of massage can be soothing for expectant moms. However ensure you are taking professional help. A perineal massage after the seventh month will help women deal easily with labour and child birth. It helps to control stress, have reduced muscle and joint pains and also helps in treating swelling.

5. Rest well

Last but not the least pregnant women must get a good 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep. Sleep helps in relieving fatigue and tiredness caused to the mom through the day, especially in the last trimester.  

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