What is the best time to buy maternity clothes?

Maternity wear shopping

The answer is: It varies from person to person!

Most women start wearing maternity clothes when they begin to feel uncomfortable in their own tighter-fitting clothes. When this will be in your pregnancy is unique to you and your preferences. You get to decide when the time comes. There are no guiding rules, but there are some things to consider to help you prepare ahead to acquire new clothes.

Some time soon after the first trimester most women will begin to think about maternity or larger size clothes.

Things to consider before buying maternity clothes

As your uterus grows consider the following:

  • Your tummy may start to protrude and your clothes could become a bit uncomfortable in the first trimester. This is simply because there is a natural tendency for fat to sit on your abdomen.
  • At 14 weeks you may begin to be aware of your uterus in your lower abdomen, though not evident to others yet. Your clothes may start to get tighter around your waist at this point, if hasn't already.
  • Some women don't begin to "show" until about 16 weeks as the belly protrudes more from the growing uterus and extra fat deposit. Many women will switch to maternity or larger clothes then.
  • By 20 weeks most women will choose to wear maternity or looser clothes.

Choose comfortable clothes in comfortable, breathable fabrics that allow room around your expanding belly for your growing baby. Something that you already own can be tailored for this purpose - like those loose kurtas your grandma gave you. You could loosely drape a sari, wear elastic skirts, or choose leggings and pants which are stretch. Maternity jeans have an elastic top band that can stretch over your belly. Also consider borrowing maternity clothes from a friend, seeing as you don’t need too many pieces at your largest size for too long.