Best sleeping position during pregnancy

sleeping position during pregnancy

Sleeping well: Best sleeping position during pregnancy and more

As the bump grows in the third trimester, you are going to be feeling growing discomfort while sleeping. Add to this, the pregnancy hormones, the constant urge to visit the loo because of the pressure on the bladder – a good night’s sleep seems like a distant dream. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

How to sleep during pregnancy

Your sleeping position during pregnancy can be the difference between a good night’s sleep versus a restless night. To get a good night’s sleep, focus on making your room a haven, a comfortable place to fall into deep and a comfortable slumber. Try these tips to make your room more comfortable and conducive to falling asleep:

Sleeping posture during pregnancy

Your sleeping position during pregnancy is the single most important determinant of a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on your tummy during pregnancy in the first trimester is okay, but as you grow bigger, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is to always sleep on your side, preferably the left side.

Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy - While it is okay to sleep on your tummy during the early stages of pregnancy, as you grow bigger it will not just get uncomfortable to do so, but it could also be dangerous for your baby. Trying to sleep on your tummy when you are 32 weeks pregnant would be remarkable feat!

Sleeping On Your Back During Pregnancy - Once you are into the 14th week of pregnancy and thereafter, you should avoid sleeping on your back. This is because when you do that the growing embryo puts pressure on the vein that run to your heart. Consequently, doing so for extended periods could lead to a feeling of dizziness and your feeling nauseous.

Sleeping on your right side during pregnancy - Sleeping on your right side is considered to be much safer than sleeping on your tummy or your back especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, but it is still not as good as sleeping on your left hand side. This because, lying on your right side puts pressure on the liver which you should avoid. S

Sleeping On Your Left Hand Side During Pregnancy - By far the best position to sleep during the later stages, recommended by the doctors is sleeping on your left side. This position prevents the growing fetus from putting pressure the vein and allows the baby to receive the right amount of nutrients through the placenta. In fact, this position is said to improve blood circulation as well.

Other sleeping tips during pregnancy

Pillows: Use cushions to make your sleep more comfortable. Prop yourself up with a lot of pillows. Many women swear comfort by placing a pillow between the legs. Or get yourself a pregnancy pillows designed specifically for this purpose.

  • Zero technology: Ideally, pregnant or not, you should never keep the TV in the bedroom. It hampers the sleeping habits. In your third trimester, make sure that the TV is switched off. Keep away from technology altogether, at least an hour before you fall asleep.
  • Lights: Dim the lights in your room, but don’t switch them off altogether; you will need them at night so that you don’t bump into anything on your way to the loo.
  • Temperature: Pregnant women, as they advance in pregnancy, tend to be feel hot all the time. Make sure that your room is cool enough for a better sleep – even if that means that your husband has to sleep with extra layers.