Benefits of Playing Music for Baby in Womb

playing music for baby in womb

Benefits of Playing Music for Baby in Womb

Although research on the actual effects of music on an unborn baby is still on, and there is no real proof that listening to music in the womb will make her smarter or make her a musical genius herself, the point is not to focus on that at all. Music calms the soul, and nurtures the mind. With work, family and a thousand different other things that are running in your mind apart from your current pregnancy, you need some time to relax. Not only will music give you that time away from everything else, it will teach you to be still and focus on yourself, for once.

The benefits of music on your unborn baby are indirect but are ever present.

Benefits of playing music for your unborn baby:

  • Reduces stress levels in the mother
    Pregnancy can be quite an overwhelming experience for most women. This can lead to her being quite stressed, more than usual which has a detrimental effect on the baby. High levels of stress in the pregnant woman could increase risks of premature delivery, low birth weight for the baby and chances of behavioural problems in children. So a stress-free mother can be very beneficial to the unborn child.
  • Stimulates the baby’s brain
    Music is known to stimulate the growth of the brain’s structures. Music also helps stimulate the baby’s senses thus improving her brain development.
  • Helps your child bond better with you
    Children who listen to music when in their mother’s womb are able to associate with them post their birth too. So if you have been listening to specific songs and music when pregnant the same songs could have a soothing effect on the child post birth, it builds in her a sense of trust and security.
  • Helps baby establish a better sleeping pattern
    Music heard in the womb is something that the captures the baby’s attention once born and comforts and relaxes her. This helps the baby fall asleep faster and sleep for longer periods of time. So playing the same music after birth can help establish a better sleeping pattern in the baby.

So just put your feet up, and listen to some of your favourite music. You are building your baby’s tastes too. Take care to not play it too loud though! Trust your gut and go with the flow. Some mothers have observed that some songs that were played over and over during pregnancy were recognised after the children grew up!