Benefits of Normal Delivery – Why Opt Normal Delivery?

normal delivery benefits

You already know your baby can be born by a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section. Sometimes, the Caesarean can be chosen by you, because of any reason, or it could be suggested by the doctor because of a medical condition either before actual labour or during labour.

Whatever you choose or happens eventually, it would be beneficial for you to know everything you can about both deliveries. Given a choice there are more reasons to opt for a vaginal birth than Caesarean and here is why -

Benefits to the mother

The actual process of labour and delivery may be long and physically exhausting but it ensures a shorter stay at the hospital and a faster recovery post the baby. You avoid a major surgery and with it the commonly associated risks of infection, excessive bleeding, scars, adverse effects of anaesthesia and of course longer period of pain. Post a vaginal delivery you being to feel clear-headed sooner so you can hold your baby sooner and also try breastfeeding earlier.

Benefits to the baby

A vaginal delivery is beneficial to the baby too. When the baby is pushed out of the mother’s body the contraction of the muscles helps drain the fluids from the baby’s heart reducing its risks to respiratory issues like asthma, etc. The mother’s birth canal has a lot of healthy bacteria which the baby is exposed to and these bacteria colonize in the new one’s intestine. This boosts the little one’s immunity and also gives protection to her intestinal tract. Also since the mother is less dizzy the baby gets to have contact with her mother sooner and breastfeeding can be begun.