Benefits of Drinking Water in Brass Vessels

Drinking water in brass vessel

It is believed that drinking water stored in brass vessels is safe if you take certain precautions. The zinc and copper present in the brass boost immunity and protect you against illness.

Research shows that water containing bacteria from water-borne disease E. Coli, stored in brass vessels showed after 48hrs that the levels of the E.coli was negligible.

The other benefits of drinking water stored in brass vessels are as the copper in the vessels

- It prevents water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and jaundice.

- The most amazing thing about copper is that it is required for cell formation to aiding in the absorption of iron. It is also an essential mineral for the functioning of the body. It regulates levels of heme and the flow of blood in the vessels.

Now water stored in brass vessels can also be infected by numerous germs and impurities.

How to ensure safety of water you are drinking

- Boil or filter water before storing it in brass vessels

- Clean your brass vessels regularly to prevent dirt and germ build up

- To prevent water contamination keep the vessel closed at all times

- Use a ladle to take the required amount of water from the vessel

There is no worry of water stored in brass vessels having excess amounts of copper enter the body as the amount in 10lts of stored water is lesser than the average daily requirement.

There may be people who will tell you that drinking this water enhances the complexion of the unborn baby. There is no proof in this account to support the belief. The complexion of your child is decided purely basis your partner’s and your genes.