Benefits of Cooking in Iron Vessels During Pregnancy

cooking in iron utensils

Eating food cooked in iron vessels. The truth of it.

Food cooked in Iron utensils is beneficial for you! There are reports that suggest that this might actually be true.

Some research suggests that cooking food in iron vessels does actually increase the iron content of the food as compared to the iron content of food cooked in non-stick pots. What happens is that the food reacts with the metal surface which means that the food does incorporate some of the iron from the vessel.

Reports also suggest that when children are given food cooked in iron vessels after a period of time their haemoglobin levels are found to be greatly improved.

Iron vessels are preferred for cooking by a lot of women too as it heats up uniformly. This ensures the food is cooked evenly. It also is ideal for slow cooking.

Precautions to take when cooking in Iron vessels

But when cooking in iron vessels some precautions are necessary

  • Iron vessels should not be used for cooking on a daily basis. Limit the use to two to three times in a week.
  • Acidic or sour food should be cooked in stainless steel vessels. They could react with the iron vessels and the food could develop an unpleasant metallic smell.
  • Iron vessels when exposed to moisture can rust easily so after use wash with a mild soap and dry it completely right away. A coating of vegetable oil could also be effective in preventing rust formation.
  • Also for the same reason, do not store water or any other fluid in an iron vessel. Drinking water could be contaminated because of the rust or any associated contaminants.
  • It is by the same logic that people say food cooked in iron vessels must be immediately transferred. One could use glass containers/ bowls