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benefits of coconut water during pregnancy

Benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy

You are probably on the lookout for foods that are not just good for you, but those that also supply you the required daily health and nutrition needs. One such food item that checks both those boxes is, coconut water.

If you are worried about people advising you to avoid coconut water in pregnancy, consider the benefits of the drink and take your own decisions.

The benefits of coconut water in pregnancy are:

  • Coconut water is completely natural
    At a time when everything you consume has a bearing on your unborn child you want to have things which are natural and preservatives or additives free. Coconut water is completely natural.
  • Coconut water during pregnancy makes daily fluid intake easy
    Drinking up water to meet your daily fluid intake is not easy. Coconut water with its naturally sweet taste makes meeting that requirement easier.
  • Coconut water provides essential electrolytes
    Coconut water contains phosphorus, sodium, potassium and calcium, nutrients also referred to as electrolytes. They help control blood pressure, maintain adequate fluid levels in the body, balance the pH in the body and ensure muscles are working properly.
  • Coconut water in pregnancy prevents infections
    Contains a chemical considered sterile that helps reduce and remove parasites and worms in the system and also the intestines. So your risks of infections are reduced.
  • Consuming tender coconut in pregnancy eases and prevents hypertension
    It has a relaxing effect and eases hypertension.
  • Tender coconut in pregnancy eases constipation
    Is high in a number of dietary fibres that help clean out digestive system and prevent constipation.
  • Coconut water has antibacterial and antifungal properties
    Coconut water has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties whereby it helps the body build a natural defence and remain healthy.

All these benefits of coconut water in pregnancy also have a direct correlation to your baby’s health thus making coconut water during pregnancy beneficial to your unborn child too.