Babymoon: Why and where you should go


Babymoon: Why and where you should go

What is a babymoon?

The third trimester is when you are all set for the baby to come. Now all you want to do is rewind and rejuvenate till the baby comes, because heaven knows, after the baby comes, you are not going to have time to relax. Also, it may be a long while before you and your husband get quality time together which involves things other than discussing the colour of your baby’s poop! If you have had a smooth sailing pregnancy till now, going on a holiday – or a babymoon – is a great idea to take a break from routine life.

Reasons to take a babymoon with your husband

Here are five reasons you must take a babymoon with your husband:

  1. The most important reason to take a babymoon is connect with your husband, because, admit it, so far you have been crazily occupied with your own body and adjusting with its changes. Take this time to reconnect with him without the hovering relatives trying to take care of you.
  2. Break from routine. Even though you have taken a break from household routine – or your maternity leave has just begun – you are surrounded by responsibilities and constant reminders of the upcoming arrival, such as packing your hospital bag, decorating the nursery, researching a pediatrician. These thoughts can quickly spiral into anxiety if you are not careful. Taking a holiday gives you that break so that you are back to your routine with a bang.
  3. Take a break from pregnancy talk. By now both you and your husband are fed up of talking about the impending arrival. It’s as if that’s all you talk about.
  4. Pamper your husband. . Also, your husband is probably feeling left out from all this, because women tend to dominate the pregnancy domain and all talk related to it. This is the time to pamper your husband with undivided attention and remind yourselves and each other of the importance of your relationship.
  5. You deserve it. With all the physiological and psychological changes happening within you, you need a break to catch up with it all and enjoy it to the fullest.

Things I should take on my babymoon with me

You must of course pack comfortable maternity clothing, both for the travel to your destination as well as for all your activities while you are there. If you are going somewhere warm, invest in a maternity swim suit that you will feel comfortable wearing. You might find it difficult to find once you reach your destination. Conversely, if you are travelling somewhere cold, carry cosy fleece jackets and comfortable flannel pyjamas to cuddle up in by the fireplace. If you are planning on doing some light hiking, bring a supportive sports bra and comfortable track pants. If you plan to go out for a nice dinner bring a sexy, yet comfortable outfit. Other destination must-haves include sunscreen, safe mosquito repellents, and a camera of course to capture those cute baby bump poses. Splurge on some maternity lingerie for this special occasion. For further indulgence, bring your favorite romantic music. This may be the last time for a really long time that you and your husband get to enjoy one another’s company uninterrupted. Pick up some delectable sweet treats from the pastry shop or bring along a delicious fudge cake to have as an after dinner delight. Even though becoming a parent is a feeling like no other, these are the precious moments you are bound to miss.

Top Babymoon destinations in India

We have come up with a list of the most popular and highly recommended babymoon destinations in India.

God’s own country - Kerala

If you are looking to spend a relaxed weekend with your husband, while enjoying the vibrancy of nature, God’s own country is a top choice. Take a long romantic walk along the coast, enjoy sightseeing in the lovely tea plantations or immerse simply soak in the beauty of lush greens around you.

Kerala offers you the best in beaches, backwaters or hills for your Babymoon based on your interest.

North Bengal

If it is tranquility that you are after to calm your mind, then North Bengal is the place for you. Check into one of the many resorts in the North Bengal for your romantic getaway. You can get beautiful views of the Himalayan range and feast your eyes upon the beauty of snow clad mountains. It will help you get away from the scorching summer heat as well.


If sun, sand, beach and the soothing sound of the sea is your definition of a memorable weekend, Goa is the place for you. You can indulge in pregnancy-safe couple activities such as sun bathing, cruising and beach bumming.


Want to get away from the madding crowds for some peaceful time with your spouse? The enchanting views of Nainital and the mountain ranges will give you a hugely tranquil environment for spending some quality time with your spouse. Enjoy a serene boat ride at Nainital Lake, with sweeping views of the hill station.


Touted as one of the most romantic holiday destinations in India, Agra is perfect for your Babymoon! Visit the majestic Taj Mahal and create lasting memories with your spouse. Book that perfect room well in advance so that you can have a hassle-free babymoon.


If you are in the southern part of India and unable to travel a long distances, you could opt for Pondicherry. This city is culturally rich with a strong flavor of a French heritage. Visit the serene town of Auroville, which is an example of cultural and ethnic diversity, pristine beautiful beaches and sample French cuisine while enjoying the company of your partner.