Baby Sleeping Arrangements: Baby Cribs or Co-Sleeping With Baby

Baby sleeping arrangements

One of the major decisions to contend with now that the baby is coming is where the baby is going to sleep. You sure have a lot of options but it is entirely dependent on how you and your partner feel and of course the space you have.

  1. Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is when you have the baby right next to you on the bed. There are pros and cons to this sleeping arrangement.

Pros – babies who co-sleep are known to sleep more peacefully; these babies have a more stable body temperature, heart rate and fewer pauses between breathes and these babies also have better emotional health making them more stable as individuals.

Cons – you need to be alert so as to not harm the baby by say rolling over in your sleep, eventually moving her to a separate room can take longer and also you and your partner lose out on private and intimate time.

  1. Cribs

Baby cribs mean that you have a separate bed for the little one. There are pros and cons to this arrangement too:

Pros: Baby gets used to sleeping on her own faster, nap time in a crib is easier, both parents and the baby can sleep with less disturbances from each other and parents get to have some time as just partners.

Cons – Nursing in the dead of the night is not comfortable, if you don’t nurse than your bonding time gets restricted to the day, checking on the child through the night is tougher and if in a separate room a baby monitor becomes essential.

If you are still confused choose a co-sleeper maybe which will attach itself to the side of an adult bed. You get the best of both worlds!