Baby shopping before delivery: Should I do it or not?

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Baby shopping before delivery: Yes or No?

In the early days, it used to be considered bad luck to buy baby stuff before the delivery, because of the high infant mortality rate. However, with the advancement of medical science, this is no longer much of an issue. It is also believed that seeing all the cute baby stuff attracts a lot of negative attention, and might cause problems for baby and mother. Though we don’t believe in it, we give it the benefit of doubt by putting off shopping for our baby to later.

Pros of doing baby shopping before delivery:

  • With the advent of nuclear families, the parents-to-be don’t have much support from their parents to help with baby stuff after delivery. Therefore, it only makes practical sense for them to prepare in advance.
  • Bonding over baby stuff. Another chance for the parents-to-be to be spend time together and buy stuff for their baby with mutual consent.
  • Well-planned shopping trip. This is an amazing chance for the parents-to-be to select baby stuff together and in leisure instead of having to rush through it after delivery.
  • Avoid unnecessary stuff. Shopping in advance allows you to discuss the pros and cons of buy certain items for your baby. This helps you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Cons of doing baby shopping before delivery

  • Clothes may not be comfortable for the baby. Usually, new clothes from the shop are rough and contain starch which can irritate a newborn's skin. This problem can be alleviated by accepting hand-me-down clothes offered by relatives. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also considered good luck for the child.
  • You may end up buying stuff that will not be used at all or something you could have borrowed from someone.