Baby naming traditions in India

naming traditions in India

Naming your child and the naming traditions in India

Bet you have started planning a name for your baby, two names actually – one if it is a girl, and one if it is a boy. And if you haven’t yet, better start now.

Obviously, with innumerable choices available in the world and crazy trends around, you are probably lost. Also there is certain set of expectations from your family on what to the name the baby, the bar of the challenge has just risen.

Baby naming traditions in India: after grandparents, according to astrology, numerology

Naming a child is an emotional subject with everyone’s sentiments involved. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure you and your partner are clear with level of participation from the rest of the family. Let them know that you are open to their suggestions but will make the final decision for yourself.

Here are a few tips on the things and traditions to consider while selecting a name for your baby:

  • Many families tend to stick to the syllable that comes up in the child’s horoscope and use only that syllable to look for a suitable name for the child.

In a way, that makes your work easier. If there are no good names in that particular syllable, make sure that you clear it with your family before breaking tradition.

  • Some other families like to name the child after the ancestors such as grandparents and great grandparents.

In event that you don’t find those names suitable, you can consider looking for trendier synonyms of the meanings of the names, so that everybody is happy.

  • Many families also have a preferred letter of the alphabet to name all the child ren in a family. Or a pattern of meaning of names. It is an interesting method to follow a pattern in the family to narrow down to a desired set of names.
  • An upcoming trend is to creating new names by mixing two names from the families such as Amit and Ash to make Amisha (which is a meaningful name in itself). However, that might not always be possible.
  • You can also look at our ancient scriptures for names. You’ll never know the gems a thorough search might reveal.
  • Many parents also like to look at other cultures for names. While it is a good idea to have exotic names, make sure that they don’t have odd meanings in your native culture.

In any way, before you consider finalizing a name, consider all the possible shortened forms of the name and make sure they are not very ridiculous to start with.

Happy Name-hunting!