Baby gender predictor: The many ways we make gender predictions in India

Baby gender prediction

Some of these are old wives’ tales, some mildly scientific and some hogwash! But here are 10 fun ways people in India are always “guessing” the gender of your unborn child –

  1. String theory – Try wrapping some thread around a ring. Or you can just use a chain! Now, spin it over your belly. If it goes back and forth, it’s a boy and if it goes in circles, it’s a girl.
  2. Carrying where – If you’re carrying high, it’s a boy, and girl if you’re carrying low.
  3. Carrying how – if you have a big round belly, it’s a girl. If it’s narrow and smaller, it’s a boy.
  4. The glow factor – If you glow, it’s a girl. If you’re tired and down, it’s a boy.
  5. Heart rate – If the heart rate is above 140 bpm, it’s a girl. Below that, it’s a boy.
  6. Linea nigra – the faint dark line that roots at your belly button. If the line extends both sides of your belly button, it’s a boy. If it’s only below, it’s a girl.
  7. Cravings – If you crave sweet stuff, you’re having a boy. If you crave savoury stuff, it’s a girl.
  8. Missed due date – If you go into labour before your due date, it’s a boy. If it’s after, it’s a girl.
  9. Vaginal discharge – If it’s white, it’s a boy. If it’s bloody, it’s a girl.
  10. Weight gain – If you gain a lot of weight, it’s a girl. If you’ve gained just enough weight, it’s a boy.

We caution you that none of this is “true” and are just fun ways to keep you guessing if you’re going to be having a boy or a girl. The gender of your baby is determined by your genes and your partner’s genes. While these “games” are fun (try the Chinese gender predictor too – people swear by it), your gender’s baby was already decided at conception. So, have fun with these but don’t go by them!