Are oral and anal sex safe during pregnancy?

If you are having a healthy pregnancy with no complications, a varied sex life is completely safe and enjoyable during pregnancy. Oral sex is okay when pregnant, but one must remember the following things when engaging in oral sex during pregnancy:

  • It is safer if your partner does not place his tongue in your vagina but rather focus on kissing and licking the clitoris and labia (lips around the vagina)
  • He should not blow any air into your vagina. This could lead to air embolism (blocking of blood vessel by an air bubble) which could prove fatal for you and your baby.

Anal sex is also generally considered safe during pregnancy but with a few precautions:

  • If you haven’t done it before don’t try now, wait till the baby is born
  • You should use plenty of lubricant and your partner should be extra gentle
  • Avoid anal sex if you have
    • Haemorrhoids as the anal sex can aggravate the situation and cause heavy bleeding. This could be dangerous for you and the baby
    • Fissures - constipation (common in pregnancy) can result in fissures and sex now could lead to bleeding
    • Placenta praevia as anal sex could cause trauma to your placenta and lead to bleeding
    • Or your partner has a Sexually transmitted infection (STI) as it spreads more easily via anal sex
  • Your partner must use a condom or wash thoroughly at least before moving on to vaginal sex. An infection ‘bacterial vaginosis’ could spread easily and increase risks of a miscarriage.

In either case, both you and your partner should listen to each other and if it is uncomfortable or painful stop immediately.