How to Apply for Maternity Leave? – Talking to HR

How to apply for maternity leave

How to apply for maternity leave? - talking to HR

The minute you are on the way to motherhood people tend to assume that either you are going to take a long break or your productivity is going to dip. It is essential to reassure them and to work with them to find out what works best for both parties.

Prior to disclosing your pregnancy to your colleagues it might be sensible to talk to your immediate superior first. Hearing the news via the office gossip vein will not show you or your commitment to the company in good light.

After this you would of course want to discuss the situation, leaves and benefits with your HR. To have the necessary information before you leave for the maternity leave we have here a set of ready guidelines.

Tips on talking to HR about maternity leave:

  • Fix up an appointment with the HR at a convenient time.
  • Have your HR share all related company maternity benefits - the number of days of leave you can take and any monetary benefits you are eligible to.
  • When discussing maternity leave remember to be clear on what you want. This will help you understand if it works for the company too.
  • Understand how maternity leave will affect your performance bonus (if eligible), promotions, etc.
  • Check up with the HR if you club personal vacation leaves, sick leaves, etc. This could give you the opportunity of an extended maternity leave.
  • Understand what documents you need to submit before the leave and get them ready.
  • Be proactive. Assess possible issues that could arise from your absence in the company and address them as best as you can now.

Assure your HR that you will do your best so that work goes on smoothly even in your absence and that you will be in touch for anything they could possibly need.