Announcing pregnancy: Best time to tell family you’re pregnant

when to announce pregnancy

Congratulations on the big news! As eager as most people are to shout out the news from the rooftops, most people wait out the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is highest. But it’s totally your and your partner’s choice.

When to announce pregnancy

Most healthy women anyway start off with a lower rate of miscarriage than some others, owing to the fact they're not quite as vulnerable to some infections or diseases that can cause trouble early on. Another thing to do is to go on the healthy path as soon as you’ve found out you’re pregnant (if you haven’t already) and that means no smoking, drinking, or using drugs. The other factor to consider is that younger women are less likely to miscarry than older women. Consider these statistics: The odds of a 20-year-old miscarrying is about 15%. But double the age, at 40, you have double the chance of miscarrying too. So, if everything looks ok, and you feel great and have the green signal from the doc, there’s no reason you can’t share the news ahead of the 13 week mark with close family and friends.

The other thing to consider is something a lot of moms have started doing these days - they feel that it’s best to share the news early on, so that they can have support and shoulders to cry on, should a miscarriage occur. This is something to chew on.

But it’s best that you focus on the positive and lead by instinct. Here's to your happy news and consider the many creative ways to make that announcement, whenever you make it.