And it’s finally out! This is what pregnant women do when they are alone!

We are all different when we have people around us and when we are alone. And this holds true for pregnant moms too! Yes, leave them alone and you will be surprised and shocked at the things they do. Pregnant women definitely have distinctive bodies, but did you know they also had some very recognisable habits and tendencies?

Yes! From getting marvelled at their boobs to calling out baby names, the things that preggars do when they are home alone will amuse you!

Shave those ‘otherwise unapproachable’ areas’

We all know pregnancy means big belly, cravings, mood swings and lots of tantrums, but did you know it also meant dealing with a ‘big’ problem which no woman actually spells out? Yes, shaving down there can be a nightmare for pregnant moms. Forget shaving, the huge belly makes it impossible for moms to even figure out where their privates are. So, when they are home alone, they take all the time, sit in a comfortable posture and finish the task!

Call out baby names

This is one thing all of us might have done. Baby names are bound to leave moms confused after all she only wants the best for her little one. So, don’t be surprised if pregnant moms call out random names when they are alone. They only want to know how it sounds!

Hold the belly with both hands and lovingly rub it

She can’t stop marvelling at the fact that she is making a human. Holding the belly with both hands, rubbing it, talking to the baby and even taking a video of how the baby moves inside are things every mom does when she’s all alone at home.

Trying to fit into old clothes

Now the wardrobe fights! As much as mommies-to-be love their huge bellies, they also wish to fit into their old clothes. And this is not the case only after pregnancy. Remember how you frantically dug your closet for that extra lose top to check if at least that fits! Oh common, we have all been there and done that after all!

Look up restaurants online

Mommies-to-be are constantly thinking about food and why not they need to eat for two after all! So, leave her alone and you will see her looking up new restaurants (only ones that do home delivery, mind you) that will satiate her craving in a jiffy!

Get fascinated by how big your boobs are getting

This is one thing she definitely cannot do when she has folks at home! Whoa! Every mommy gasps at her own size, after all she has never seen them grow so big. And of course that inevitable question on her mind of whether it will ever be back to what it was earlier?