Things you need from your husband during pregnancy

List of things you need from your husband

A list of things you need from your husband: Emotionally, physically, etc

Your husband and you are a team when it comes to parenting, and pregnancy is the door to it. Pregnancy is a very vulnerable time for a woman – it wreaks havoc on the body and fills the mind with endless questions and no answers.

You may want to talk to your husband about supporting you on these aspects:

  • You may be very tired all the time, in such a situation you want him to look after your child. You do realize that he is equally tired after a day at work. But this is the time you need him the most.
  • You need him to pick up where you leaving off, to be a strong back up
  • You want to pamper him and be pampered. By pampering, you don’t want him breathing down your neck, but just be adorably at your service.
  • To not judge your emotional outbursts, but to just cuddle you when you are down. And if he wants to use it to tease you later, it’s ok.
  • Most importantly to stand up for your decisions in front of the family, and to trust you enough for having made a particular decision.
  • To be trusting enough to disagree with you on something and express it in private.