9 things every experienced mum wishes mums-to-be knew

Dear Soon to be Mom,

I know this beautiful journey called motherhood is one of the happiest times of your life. Your baby and its wellbeing is of most importance to you and, of course, you have a million questions about what’s best for your baby. Which is better – formula or breastmilk? How to get enough sleep? What kinds of foods to take during the lactation stage? Will I be able to regain my shape?

Firstly be prepared for the baby’s arrival: Being a new mother needs a lot of preparation. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded with new tools and equipment that every newborn needs. Learn how to use them safely. The baby spends most of the time indoors immediately after birth. Make sure the baby’s room is well-lit and ventilated.

One of the most important tasks as a mom is breastfeeding: Colostrum in milk contains high concentration of leukocytes that destroys disease-causing bacteria and viruses and builds a strong immune system. The more the baby sucks, the more milk is produced. The size of the breast doesn’t matter.

And since you are breastfeeding take care of your own nutrition: Plan and follow a post-pregnancy diet with your dietician. Remember, you need more calcium, iron, folic acid and protein than you did before childbirth. Breastfeeding is exhausting and good nutrition will provide you with the strength you require.

Babies are prone to infections and so are you: Regular baths are necessary both for your baby as well as yourself. The areola of the nipple needs to be wiped clean before and after nursing because there are chances that any accumulated dirt may go to your baby’s stomach directly. Proper disposal of your baby’s nappies, wipes and soiled sheets is a must to maintain a germ-free environment.

Simple cotton clothing is the best option: Nowadays supermarkets are full of fancy post-pregnancy dresses. Choose cotton for comfort and convenience. Nursing bras are a good option for new mothers.

As a new mother, ask for help:  Coping with the addition of a new member to your family is not easy. When the baby is sleeping, it may seem to be the best time to clear up the mess and finish your chores. But you must wisely use the time to take a small nap and leave aside chores. Use some help from friends and family for the initial days. Unlike the days of joint families when there was always someone to lend a helping hand, you may find yourself alone in deciphering the many needs of your baby. Read a good book on baby- care which has in depth information of what you could expect.

Your health is equally important and postnatal exercises will help you:  The best way to keep your mental balance and physical fitness is by doing the right exercise. Yoga is a good way to keep stress at bay and maintain your shape. But exercises are strenuous and should be performed under medical supervision only.

And finally Relax: Even though the needs and demands of your baby take center-stage at this time of your life, finding the right balance between your duties and leisure is what will make your life smooth. Do not let anxieties relating to career, finances or family issues come in the way of your experiencing motherhood to its full potential.  Spend some quality time with your partner however little it may be. This will ensure you both have enough time to bond and embrace this beautiful phase of your life together.

Motherhood is the indeed the best gift in a woman’s life. Observing the little one’s journey from a helpless infant to a cuddly kid is a great pleasure.

Wishing you a healthy and happy motherhood

A seasoned mum

This article is written by Celes Care - India's first Online Health Clinic for Women.

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