8 things you should NEVER do in your first trimester of pregnancy

Of course, you should be careful throughout your pregnancy, ladies. But as your doctor would’ve already told you, the first trimester is especially critical and you should be very careful with your general well-being. Here are 8 things you should never do if you are three-months pregnant.

Avoid underwire bras

During pregnancy, the size of your breasts increases due to hormonal changes. Since underwire bras are worn to maintain a certain shape, they are not good for you during this time. The best thing to do is to wear a sports bra.

Don’t stand for too long

Be careful about this one because there are several tasks in a day when you tend to stand for long and don’t realise it — for instance if you’re standing in a queue at the bank, or chopping vegetables in the kitchen. If you can, always sit down and do something or get someone else to do it for you (what are husbands for?)

Don’t climb on stools or chairs

If you’re trying to reach for that second shelf in the kitchen by standing on the stool, or that book on the topmost shelf, stop. Ask someone else to do it for you. There’s a possibility that you might slip and fall and that can be dangerous for you.

Don’t pick up heavy things

Lifting heavy things puts a stress on your lower half of the body, and hence should be avoided. The same goes for bending again and again, or sitting and scrubbing floors.

No heavy weights

Go easy on yourself at the gym. While light exercises are okay, be careful about carrying heavy bags of groceries or similar things. Also, always consult your doctor about what exercises you can or cannot do.

Avoid sex

Although sex is safe during the first trimester, doctors generally advise against it to be on the safer side. However, if you have already had a miscarriage or are going through a complication (vaginal bleeding, for instance) in pregnancy, it’s imperative that you don’t have sex.

Avoid strong medications

Your doctor will advise you on this too. While it’s okayed by some physicians to have a paracetamol, you should consult your doctor about before taking one.

Don’t smoke...or be near smokers

You might not be a smoker but it’s just as (more, in fact) dangerous for you to be a passive smoker, especially when you’re pregnant. Stay away from places that people tend to smoke in or if you have company, request your guests to go out and smoke.