8 things every c-section mom silently battled!

8 things every c-section mom silently battled!

‘It was a life-wrecking pain’, says every mommy who had a vaginal delivery. The pain that comes when a woman gives birth to her baby is often compared to that which happens when all the bones in our body break together at the same time. Yes, the thought of it will definitely give you the jitters, but mommies who underwent a caesarean delivery have also their fair share of struggles and battles.

Apart from being brave and strong enough to go under the knife, they also face a tough recovery, probably one that is tougher than labour pain itself. So if you thought c-section mommies had it easier, read this one and we are sure you will change your thinking.

1. The pain does not end with the surgery

Sure labour pain is the worst kind of pain anyone can experience. But hey, whoever told you C-section meant no pain was wrong. The post surgery pain in a caesarean section is as true and raw as labour pain. Add to it a constantly-want-to-be-fed baby, the stitches and of course the postpartum baggage and you are sure to realise that the grass is definitely not greener on the other side.

Tip: Pillows will be your best companion during this phase- whether it is nursing or burying your head and crying your heart out!

2. The bathroom agony!

Be prepared to pee constantly and feel your parts burning too! Also, pooping can longer be a fun journey, as you are bound to feel a lot of tugs, pulls and pushes during the process. Lastly, constipation can be your worst enemy during this phase, more so if you welcomed it during your pregnancy itself.

Tip: Increase fibre intake in the diet, keep yourself hydrated and yes, those stitches won’t tear off while you poop!

3. There will be blood

Bleeding is not just for a vaginal delivery! Plenty of women undergo bleeding even post c-section. This is because, the uterine wall, which protects the baby, undergoes a lot of changes post delivery and needs to break down. Also, your hormone levels need to stabilise. On the whole, the uterus itself needs to heel.

4. Your body might not listen to you

Cutting open your stomach, fiddling with knives and needles and pulling out a three and a half kilo is no easy task. So, give yourself some credit for that life-threatening task you have accomplished and let your body take its own time to recoup. Take a break from household chores and spend quality time with your baby. Walking will also help you recoup faster.

5. Bid goodbye to those cute pre-pregnancy shoes

Your body has gone through some tremendous amount of pain and effort. So expect your blood volume to build up by a good 50 percent. Wondering what this actually means? It just means swollen hands, feet, and even face. And that, in turn, means you are clearly going to find it hard to squeeze into those pre-pregnancy shoes.

Tip: Drinking water with lemon will help you flush it all out

6. You will HATE to breastfeeding

Imagine holding a newborn sitting up erect and stable, just after your abdomen has been ripped apart. Sounds horrendous right? Yes, that’s what c-section mommies’ battle soon after they see their bundle of joy. From holding the baby to figuring out the best position to feed, breastfeeding can be a hard battle during a c-section recovery.

7. Say hello to the new you

You might have had an hour-glass figure pre-delivery, but after a c-section, you ought to be brave to embrace the new you. Your abdomen has been cut and stitched back, but this can leave a scar. The scar can sometimes develop tissues, leading to puffiness and tenderness. And as for the mark, the scar will fade a little with time but don’t expect it to disappear completely. But, hey it’s perfectly ok, after all, you have made a new human being. So wear the stripes with pride and flaunt it too!

8. Forget about a good night’s sleep

Firstly you just had a baby. So be prepared to wake up at wee hours to feed, clean and comfort your newborn. Add to this the post-operative pain and the endless breastfeeding battles; we assure you a good night’s sleep will soon become a distant memory.

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