7 Great Ways To Maintain A Pregnancy Record

Maintaining a pregnancy record

7 great ways to maintain a pregnancy record

The pregnancy journey is not about just the destination (or end prize!) it is about celebrating and enjoying the journey too! Pregnancy is a journey which is so many things rolled up in one – happy, scary, overwhelming, magical, etc. Maintaining a record of your pregnancy is fun. Not just that it is also a treasure of all the memories you can always look back on, a record to refer to in subsequent pregnancies and something to pass on to your kids some day.

You can maintain the record in whichever way you want. It could be a handmade scrapbook or a digital one, whatever suits you. Want to keep baby records? Here are some ideas which can be fun and special too!

  1. Write a letter/ send an email to your baby
    Writing a letter or email to your baby is a sweet way of not just recording the pregnancy but also bonding with the baby.
  2. Scrapbook
    This can a whole assortment of stuff – photos of yourself, photos of the bump, the various ultrasounds, etc. Add some handwritten notes and thoughts in little thought bubbles across the pages maybe to add a personalised touch to the record.
  3. Maternity countdown t-shirt
    Print yourself a t-shirt with the 40weeks of pregnancy countdown on it. As each week passes off, take a picture wearing the t-shirt after crossing off the week gone by.
  4. Make a video
    Record video messages over the period of your pregnancy or maybe make a video with various photos, ultrasounds, etc of the pregnancy journey.
  5. Record your audio clips
    You talking to your baby, telling her about how you feel, what you are thinking and going through could be recorded and be something really special for the kids later.
  6. Do a pregnancy photo shoot
    Go in for a professional photo shoot. Have pictures of you (and your partner, if willing) taken over the period of the pregnancy in some of the sweetest poses!
  7. Make a belly cast
    Make a mould of your pregnancy belly. Store it carefully and try it on later some time for some entertainment and fun!

Remember to never forget to live in the moment, though, and stress out on wanting to do a thousand things at once. Focus on yourself and the baby and don’t stress yourself out!