5 ways to lose your weight quickly after C-Section

It is common to put on weight after your C-Section delivery. But, if you are careful about a few things, you can get rid of the excess weight. Listed below are ways that can help you lose weight quickly after your delivery. 


Breastfeed your baby after you deliver because this is an excellent way to lose weight. Breastfeeding can help burn calories and improve metabolism, so if you can continue breastfeeding for at least six months, you’ll find it easier to lose weight. Plus, your uterus will also return back to its original size quicker. 

Drink lots of water

To lose weight quickly after pregnancy, keep your body as hydrated as you can. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day because this leads to better burning of calories and improved metabolism. In addition to this, breastfeeding moms feel thirstier and it is absolutely important to stay hydrated. 

Eat right!

After delivery, moms need to stay hydrated but they also need the right nutrients. Some women do not take care of what they eat because they follow fad diets to reduce weight. But they forget that new moms need to eat very healthy, nutritious food during this time. Breastfeeding can be exhausting, and it can leave you very hungry. Your diet should have healthy doses of pulses, milk, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and protein. In addition, eat a lot of whole vegetables, other dairy products and fresh fruits. 


If you want to lose weight quickly after your delivery, you have to do certain easy exercises, such as:

Walk - It is considered healthy for you to walk around a little during this time. This improves your blood circulation and helps reduce your weight. 

Swim - Swimming is an excellent way to lose weight after pregnancy. This will not only relax your body, but also tone your muscles after the pregnancy. 

However, before doing any exercise, check with your doctor if it is right for you. Also, please do not work out at all within the first 3 months after your delivery

Stay away from stress

Stay away from all kinds of stress during this time because this can be very harmful for your baby. Excessive stress can cause hormonal imbalances that can make you gain more weight. Stress increases cortisol in your blood and then losing weight can be very difficult. 

Feature Image Source: phillymag.com