5 ways to make yourself comfortable at work during pregnancy

keeping comfortable at work during pregnancy

The advancing pregnancy is making you uncomfortable everywhere, even at work. Ensuring a comfort in the workspace enables you to work more efficiently even at the last stages of your pregnancy. Here are 5 ways you could try making life at work comfortable

  1. Wear comfortable clothing
    You are going to spend 8 hours (if not more) at work, so ensure you are dressed in clothes which give you ample comfort. Choose fabrics which are breathable like maybe cotton. Choose cuts which are not too snug but flattering all the same. Ensure you have a scarf or shawl around in case you begin to feel a little chilly.
  2. Take frequent breaks
    Whether it be sitting for a long stretch or standing, either is not good for you or the baby. Take a break and move around for a few minutes every hour to improve circulation and avoid blood clots.
  3. Have a comfortable chair
    Your back is going through a lot so support it well with a comfortable chair. Prop your legs up so that your knees bend at a 90degrees. If the backrest is not curved place a cushion to give your back that support.
  4. Keep cool
    Your body temperature is naturally higher now so ensure you sit where your temperature is cool. You could opt for a small electricity run fan which can be at your desk.
  5. Avoid fatigue

          You want to do your best and work to your potential, but do listen to your body. If you feel tired (pregnancy can be tiring in itself) take a break and get back to avoid stress and             fatigue. Be sure to ask your colleagues for help if tired.