5 traditional secrets you should always follow to have a smooth labour!

“I had 16 hours of labour” “Mine was 24 hours!”

If you have heard these horror stories from other mothers while you are inching towards your due date, than we have something that is sure to put you at ease.

We don’t know why these work. But not only are they time tested, they have been known to reduce labour pain by making it shorter, smoother and without the unnecessary complications of c-section.

The last week of your pregnancy is likely to be one that is filled with disturbing thoughts. You worry about everything and need your partner’s support and love all the more.

Never completely trust doctors. They usually have a business to run that works on minting money off you. Unwanted c-sections, deliberately creating stress on parents is but a by-product of this avarice.

Instead follow these traditional tips to ensure that you have the absolute best delivery. These are tips handed-down through the generations and have worked miraculously. Do this and don’t think about the logic behind it!

1. Start having warm soup

The second you have your first contraction, ask your help/husband to give you warm soup. Warm fluids help as an enema as well as prepare your body for the blessed event.

2. Coffee with castor oil

An hour later have a cup of coffee with a table spoon of castor oil in it. Agreed castor oil will make the coffee taste funny, but will really help your body prepare itself for the life changing trip to the hospital.

3. One cup sevaiyaan (semiya payasam) with 2 tablespoons of ghee

One hour after that, have a cup of warm milk/sevaiyan with 2 tablespoons of ghee in it. We don’t really how it helps in the lubrication but it does.

4. Walking

Once you are three hours into labour do not sit. Start walking/strolling down the area. The walking increases pressure on the pelvic muscles and helps deal with the shooting pains of contractions too.

5. Squats

In between your walks when the contraction hits you squat for a minute. This opens the pelvic floor muscles and aids ease in labour.

These are grannies tips and tricks that women in India have been using since time immemorial. Even when doctors were scarce and delivery used to happen in the back sheds of houses, women were able to have their babies because of these tips.

Mind you, we are big believers of modern day science and huge shout out to the government for making labour in hospitals mandatory for babies to have birth certificates.  This ensures health for both mother and the baby.

However, adding these dadima’s nuskhas won’t do us any harm either! Try them because they really work!

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